The HANSA MEDIC products are guaranteed against defects in workmanship for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase verified by invoice. The guarantee covers the replacement or repair of defective parts, excluding any charges for damage, removal, transportation or other compensation whatsoever. Any loss or water damage consecutive to manufacturing defects are covered by a “Product” liability insurance.

We will not be held responsible in the event of improper installation, servicing or product use or in the event of defects resulting from an external source not related to the quality of the products. For example: cleaning products that are abrasive or dissolving; the result of aggressive limy water or foreign bodies (gravel, sand, iron filings, scale deposits, etc.); electrolytic and chemical phenomena.

The warranty excludes joints, valves and rubber linings. However, they would be provided in case the warranty was being applied. Surfaces other than chromium and nickel are excluded from the warranty.

If, as a result of a disruption or change in manufacturing, the defective product cannot be replaced by an identical product, it will be replaced by a product of equal quality meeting the same specifications. Parts that are replaced under warranty will hold a one-year warranty from the date of replacement. This warranty only extends to the part that has been replaced. The legal warranty against hidden defects shall be in effect in every circumstances.