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Better safe than sorry!

It is difficult to predict when a plumbing fixture will break. However, it is much easier to see that some devices are safer than others.


Accidents in showers and bathtubs are often the result of someone trying to get away from the water jet after a quick change in temperature, both hot and cold. If there is a rapid change in the water supply to the shower or bathtub, a device must protect the user and maintain the water at a temperature limited to 49°C.


Cases of water burns affect young children with sensitive skin, and the elderly, who are slower to react to a sudden temperature change. There are also people with reduced mobility who have difficulty moving. A water heater set to 60°C will supply water that can burn a child or an elderly person in less than 3 seconds. The most serious, even fatal, accident would be someone with a disability or reduced mobility unable to get out of a bathtub that is filling up with water over 49°C.


Legionella is the bacterium that causes extra pulmonary Legionella. The disease was “discovered” in 1976 during a convention of the American Legion in Philadelphia.
182 participants were infected by a severe case of pneumonia which resulted in 34 deaths. However, the first strains of Legionella were identified between 1943 and 1968. This bacterium thrives in water with temperatures ranging between 40°C and 46°C just like the temperatures found in our heating systems, water tanks, etc … The method for eliminating this bacteria is by maintaining the water temperature above 60°C. However, with this kind of temperature, the user is exposed to a serious risk of burn injury.


Taps equipped with HANSAMEDIC and POWERS thermostatic mixers provide a safe environment and maintain water temperatures at the outlet of your taps at 49°C, with a range of ± 1.5°C (ASSE standard 1016). For more information, please contact your Lajoie representative.